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In the age of the global pandemic, it has become critical to bridge the gap between learners and educators, clients and service providers, and innovators and market researchers. Another emerging facet is to raise mutually beneficial topics and share them with the scientific community.

Reseapro® offers live interactive Webinars for students, educators, scientists, corporate executives, and publishers. We are also a preferred destination for virtual events that assure an engaging attendee experience.

Reseapro ® introduced Webinars for universities and institutions several years ago. In the past, our speakers have covered crucial topics related to research publishing:

These include:

  • How to develop a research paper
  • How to deal with journal rejections
  • Research proposal writing and submission
  • How to avoid plagiarism in research papers

Going forward, invited experts with international exposure will pick up burning topics of interest and address the worldwide scientific community. We also develop Webinar topics based on special requests and demand.

If you are looking for logistical support and onsite/offsite coordination to organize virtual/hybrid conferences or meetings, we have an events management team that leverages the latest interactive technologies to offer seamless events. Our Conference and Events service is completely customizable based on your specific needs.
The types of events we help organize include:

  • National and international conferences
  • Academic project presentations
  • Educational and community sessions
  • Workshops

So, be it a new product launch, a leadership meeting, a sales meeting, a special customer event, a student-teacher interaction, an event to recognize a special achievement, or a meeting to showcase a medical or scientific discovery, Reseapro® offers an immersive experience to meet all your event management needs.

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