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Reseapro® Publishing aims to help authors, researchers, academics, and educators create pathbreaking research and establish networks for dissemination of their work on the global stage. We publish books, conference proceedings, and open access journals in a wide range of academic disciplines including science, technology and medicine (STM), life sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, business, management and multi-disciplinary fields.

Reseapro® Journal aims to be one of the leading publishers of professional and scholarly manuscripts and foster communication among scientists, researchers, students and professionals.

We have developed Manuscript Editorial Manager (MEM), an online interface and a central platform for handling manuscript submissions.

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The groundwork and editorial processes are nearing completion for the first three journals from Reseapro®:

  • Journal of Electrophoretic Deposition
  • Dermatologica Acta
  • Journal of Microbial Biotechnology

Many more journals are in the pipeline.


We aim to add value to your research by offering high-quality services and increasing visibility of your book through our global marketing team.

Our service covers a wide range of academic disciplines including science, technology and medicine (STM), life sciences, social sciences, business, and management.


We aim to link researchers and scholarly communities by establishing an international online database of academic conferences, workshops, and events across all disciplines.

Our services include free listing of your conference on our website, publication of conference proceedings, and peer reviews.

Benefits of Publishing with Us

  • Reseapro Publishing encourages authors and referees to opt for the Open Peer Review process for all its publications.
  • We allow readers to better assess the published paper and provide post-publication comments.
  • We ensure transparency in all our scientific publications.
  • We index journals and your article will be added to the major abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, leading to increased reach and readership.
  • Language editing service from our editing service portal helps improve your manuscript and makes sure that the manuscript is of the highest quality and submission-ready.
  • We help promote your work by offering you a Share Link to your published article.

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