Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Limited is a leading research service based company specializing in providing customized and on-demand scientific solutions and expert knowledge to our customers worldwide to realize and achieve their maximum potential. Initially, the company started, the online interface providing services in English editing, proofreading, medical writing, academic writing, and publication support. Reseapro Scientific Services Private Limited is a company limited by shares, founded according to the Companies Act 1956 and incorporated in February 2009, with its head office located in India. The company is expanding its services in other sectors with its corporate headquarter located in India.

Quality is the essence of our company. Our motto is to provide the best quality editing services in the most competitive prices. We have highly qualified and experienced scientists, researchers, practicing doctors, English editors, proofreaders and subject experts from all the subject fields of science, engineering, medicine, business management, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, social science, art, history, economics, politics, humanities, and culture, in our editorial panel. We adopt a rigorous editing test to select the best editors with proven record of writing skills, English editing, proofreading and publication in peer reviewed international journals. We have over 500 editors consisting of a healthy blend of in-house editors as well as online freelance editors from top universities and research centers worldwide for providing services in scientific research manuscript editing, academic research paper editing, medical research paper editing, thesis editing, English proofreading, manuscript formatting, medical writing, academic writing, business communication, and publication support services.


Our work starts once you submit your research to us. With our publication support packages, we offer you an array of services and help you in getting your precious work published in the leading academic journals. The manuscript undergoing the various pre-publication stages is nothing less than a journey and we promise you a successful and pleasant journey to arrive at your goal. Our authors are extremely important for us and we work closely with them to produce the most outstanding works. One message that we would like our authors to know is that we are as eager as you to see your work succeed in both academic and commercial terms.

Our core mission is to augment and enhance the pre-publication process to create value and make a difference.

Reseapro prides itself on offering:

  Speedy and efficient customer service

  High quality deliverables

  Responsible and flexible editorial and publication support

  Thorough evaluation of papers and sample materials paired with constructive feedback

  Research work scrutinized by experienced editors and peer reviewers

  Expert advice and hand holding to non-experienced authors

  Emphasis is laid on every minute aspect to raise your manuscript up to the publication standard

  Manuscript quality guarnatee that assures no compromises in the quailty of deliverables. If despite our best efforts, the service is not up to your expectations, we will adjust the amount in your next order or provide a refund.
We are here to help you bring your ideas, your manuscript, to culmination, and we will do everything we can to support and guide you through the pre-publication process.



Our service reaches across customers worldwide. We live by our values and make them part of everything that we do. Our values are:

  Sincerity & dedication to provide quality service

  Excellence of individuals and teams to meet the expectations of our clients

  Creativity & innovation in our business and services to exceed expectations and be the front runner in what we are doing

  Integrity & trust which is the guiding principle in dealing with our interactions with clients, employees and associates

  Responsibility & commitment to our business and services that brings us closer to our clients

  Communication between our clients and employees to develop mutual trust and stronger bond for a lasting relationship



We believe that maintaining a responsible attitude to our corporate structure is the key to our long term strategic goals and future directions. We have formulated a common corporate responsibility (CR) framework for our organization. The objectives of our corporate responsibility (CR) includes:

  Hiring the best minds as our workforce to ensure the highest quality of our services.

  Maintaining a motivated, engaged, high calibre workforce.

  Developing a brand name by building and maintaining a strong reputation that marks us above others as a partner of choice by our customers.

To achieve these objectives, we are focusing on the following priority areas:

  Provide in-house training and opportunity to work in our projects to prospective candidates over a period of time to assess their capabilities and enable us choose the best.

  We provide professional working environment where talented individuals can work with fun and develop and prosper.

  We follow a check point in each stage of development of solutions and services for our customers to ensure best quality.

  We seek feedback from our customers and address the issues that matter most.

  A high level committee chaired by the Managing Director coordinates the CR activities and monitors the progress at regular intervals.



Our service reaches across customers worldwide. We live by our values and make them part of everything that we do. Our values are:

  At Reseapro, we focus on a participative culture in which you can develop your career. Our aim is that everyone derives real satisfaction from the work they do. We have a pleasant work environment and friendly collaborative relations with colleagues. These are essential conditions for a positive and productive work culture. We believe that open, honest feedback is very important in fostering a participative culture. So we seek feedback from our employees at regular intervals.

  We also try to bring humour to the work place and encourage fun at work. We have a number of initiatives to ensure that you enjoy working at Reseapro.

How We Work !

  Joining a company like Reseapro could be demanding for anyone, especially if it's your first job in life but we take the time and effort to ensure that you are the right person for us and we are the right company for you and that means making sure that you know just what to expect - whether that means exceptional training, constant support, high-profile projects or a busy social life.Project culture is an intrinsic part of life at Reseapro. The project based nature of our work allows you the opportunity to work in many different areas and allows for a very varied career experience at Reseapro.

  Flexibility is the key to a successful career with Reseapro - both in the type of work you do and where you work. Many of our services and projects are done online. At any time around 50% of our staff are working away from their base office.

Key People

Sachidananda Pattanaik

Co-Founder, Director

Deepak Mishra

Head - Global Marketing

Mr. T Mohapatra

Co-Founder and Director,
International Sales and Business Development

Mr. Ryoji Awano

Global Marketing Association,
Reseapro Japanese Partner

Our Partners

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