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We provide a range of services that are a best fit for any stage of research. With a global reach and backed by an efficient digital delivery system, we are the trusted partners for thousands of researchers across all domains.

Reseapro® helps you widen your research frontiers and opens up endless possibilities for your research

If you have done all the hard work by carrying out primary research, collecting data, and developing your ideas, we offer writing and rewriting services to carry your research forward. If you have a manuscript ready, we provide editorial services to help you along the publication journey. If you would like us to make your paper publication ready, we simplify the rather intimidating and time-consuming publication cycle. If you are looking for design enhancements, we have that expertise too. And finally, if you want to increase the reach of your research, we offer translation services across most language pairs.

Authoring Services for the World

Writing & rewriting

Our experienced writing team will work closely with you to develop your thoughts and articulate them in an original and plagiarism-free manuscript.

Proofing & editing

Our team of language and subject-specific editors help increase the chances of publication by making your manuscript error-free and fit to print.

A-Z publication support

We select the most appropriate journal for your research, edit and format your manuscript according to prescribed guidelines, and submit the paper to the journal.

Design & enhancement

Designing and developing appealing medical promotional/sales materials is a specialized job. We help you convey your message to your target audience by writing and designing promotional and sales materials.

Data analysis and report

Our expert statisticians help you interpret your data by using advanced analytical and econometric tools such as SPSS, EViews, R, JMP, Stata, SAS, MATLAB, etc to make your research robust and sound.

Translation and localization

Digital communication channels have enabled localization of content and expanded the reach of research. Our translation services across 64 language pairs play a key role in connecting researchers around the world.

Why Us?

Three E’s define our service culture:

  • Experience of our support team in digital order handling and delivery
  • Expertise of our global scientific community
  • Exactitude in the final output and delivery

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