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Reseapro® Scientific Services has a trail of demonstrated success in the online education space, not only as a content designer and provider for overseas and onshore learners but also as a developer of unique vocabulary programs for non-native English speakers.

We offer learning on the move through self-paced and tailored content for specific groups of users, assuring quantifiable gains by devoting just a few minutes each day.

E-learning has acquired a new import in the new-normal brought about by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and that has created a new cohort of students and educators who prefer the flexibility of the online medium. To cater to that growing community, we offer a gamut of e-learning services and products.

These include:

Discover a New Way of Learning

When we read an English sentence, most of us translate word by word subconsciously and we pay too much attention to grammar and details.

To get around this problem, we offer InScholar, a daily business English learning program that encourages you to stay relevant and updated while you learn language skills. Read and process front-page news from leading business newspapers, with fresh content offered each weekday, approximately 240 lessons a year!

EngScholar helps users build their vocabulary for general usage of the English language in the office environment and in educational institutions.

The program caters to exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and TOEIC, which demand excellence in English vocabulary and serve as stepping-stones to a successful career for many students. EngScholar is designed to help learners realize their professional or scholarly aspirations and achieve excellent communication skills without having to fall back on unwieldy and bulky vocabulary-learning books.

How Are We Different from the Competition?

  • Learn at your convenience, any time of the day
  • You don’t need bulky textbooks, classrooms, or long hours to improve your language skills
  • Give a few minutes for steady gains with measurable improvements
  • Compete with peers through our robust scoring system
  • Prepare for your future with a strong vocabulary and Business English speaking skills

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