Eng Scholar

The most effective and intellectual way to improve your vocabulary

Regardless of your age or education level, Eng Scholar will assist you to master the words that are important to academic and professional success. The excitement of playing English vocabulary games can assist both native and foreign speakers of English language improve their English vocabulary skills. Eng Scholar is an educational website committed to help its users develop their reading, speaking, and English vocabulary skills.

IN Scholar

More than 90% of non-native English speakers lack the communication skills to excel in global business. The IN-SCHOLAR curriculum can make you part of the other select 10%!

IN-Scholar not only provides lessons based on news articles, but also includes study tasks such as Pre-Reading Activities and Reading Activities. In the process of practicing these study tasks, users learn to grasp the theme of each article and at the same time improve their reading proficiency naturally through constant reading and by listening to the audio.

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