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Our service professionals take full cognizance of all requirements of a scientific professional and have the expertise to transform your studies into publishable papers. We introduce a long-term strategic mindset in each of our projects, founded on a thorough understanding of appropriate technology, a pledge of quality, and a relentless eye for detail.

How do you ensure that the research findings move beyond your lab and reach the global scientific community? That’s where we can help.

Collaborative research is yielding fascinating outcomes for diverse researchers working in different scientific fields in far-flung corners of the world. Recognizing this, we offer collaborative tools to bring researchers together, present a common forum for them to share their work, and facilitate joint outcomes.

We Trasform Ideas into Products

Research promotion

You have worked tirelessly to carry out experiments, documents findings, and perhaps even publish your research. That’s where we come in. We offer bespoke research promotion services that are customizable to present a glimpse of the most significant findings from your latest study, drawing the attention your research deserves from scientists around the world. If you have a budding research project and would like to seek ideas from the global research community, we help you facilitate that interaction and exposure.

Patent acquisition

We offer professional patent acquisition support services that can help you address immediate competitive concerns and hold cross-licensing discussions with other companies to get access to specific technologies. Our experts evaluate your idea or product, establish its claim of originality, and file an application for patent. Besides, we perform an exhaustive patent search in all databases, analyze and assess the patent portfolios of the acquisition targets, and recommend their technological fit keeping your needs in mind. Finally, we act as your liaising partner in the patent acquisition process.

Prototype development

A proof of concept goes through several stages of prototyping, piloting, and Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) before actual commercialization. Prototyping is necessary when an idea or concept takes a tangible shape open to testing with other products. The Reseapro® Prototype Development Service carries out feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses to validate your budding product’s features and performance, thus taking your idea quickly from concept to reality and ensuring that you make prudent investment decisions at the start of your product development cycle.

Testing services

A new product or service launch must be preceded with a testing phase to weed out errors and ensure compliance with product regulations. That entails knowledge about consumer behavioral preferences, and qualitative and quantitative inputs to ensure that the product has strong odds of success.

We provide end-to-end solutions that assure quality, reduce costs, and drive continuous improvement by providing consultancy services and interfacing the manufacturer or creator with appropriate testing laboratories, experts, and accreditation authorities, including the NABL lab in India and A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) and NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) in the US.

Innovation validation

A brilliant ides often leads to an innovative product, but any such innovation must be backed by a well-documented validation process. The Reseapro® team adopts a scientific validation method that yields incisive insights into the marketability of the product. We consult marketing, business, technology and other experts who are the best-fit for your industry and product in order to arrive at important conclusions on the feasibility of the product and its market potential. Our team will explore several validation methods and utilize all available tools and metrics to sync your product with the needs of the end user.

Editorial, design, and illustration services

Our services include writing, rewriting, editing, designing, and illustrating your research work to take it to the publication stage. With more than 750 editors and subject experts across the globe, we offer editorial and rewriting services in all scientific domains. Our design team is well-versed with scientific papers and has the software tools to generate lucid and appealing technical illustrations. However, even after the paper is finalized, the publication process can be a daunting prospect. That is why we have a dedicated inhouse publication team that works closely with you to simplify the path toward publication of your research findings.

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