We employ the most capable and qualified scientists into our editorial panel. We are continuing to build up and recruit experts into our editorial panel throughout the year. We look for the following qualification, skill and experience to select our editors.

  • Doctoral or post-doctoral research experience in a university or research institute.
  • Proven record of publishing in peer reviewed journals.
  • Proficiency in English with adequate writing and editing skills.
  • A teacher and/or book editor with verifiable experience.
  • A master copy editor and expert in various documentation styles, such as MLA, APA.
  • Proficient in MS Word and at least one other software application, such as InDesign or Publisher.
  • Dedicated to providing our clients with the world's finest, most professional editing.


If you meet the necessary skills and qualifications, please send your resume and a sample of your writing to We will respond within 48 hours.

OR Send us your details:

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