Researchers Authors
Researchers Authors

Authoring services for
Researchers | Authors

We provide a range of services that are a best fit for any stage of research:

  • Writing and editing
  • A-Z publication support
  • Design and enhancements
  • Localization and translation
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Publishing Services Through
Reseapro Journal | Reseapro Publishing

Reseapro® Publishing aims to help authors, researchers, academics, and educators create pathbreaking research and establish networks for dissemination of their work on the global stage.

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Services for
Corporations | Institutes

We listen to all your corporate documentation needs to deliver harmonious, consistent, and high-impact writing, editing, and design services. We help you win new business alliances and communicate effectively with your clients and customers.

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Services for Labs | Innovators

With a thorough understanding of appropriate technology, a pledge of quality, and a relentless eye for detail, we offer:

  • Research collaboration
  • Patent acquisition
  • Prototype development
  • Testing services
  • Innovation validation
  • Editorial, design, and illustration services
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E-learning | Education services

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has created a new cohort of students and educators who prefer the flexibility of the online medium. To cater to that growing community, we offer:

  • Content development for e-learning providers
  • Customized e-learning programs for instructors
  • Business English learning
  • English vocabulary building
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Webinars | Conferences

Since 2015, Reseapro has offered and conducted a series of Webinars on different aspects of Publishing for different universities.

Future Webinars will focus on burning topics of interest for the worldwide scientific community, where internationally recognized scientists/educators will be invited as speakers.

We also facilitate virtual meetings and conferences for researchers, corporations, and institutions by hosting the events online, looking after the organizational and technological requirements, inviting guest speakers to participate, and publishing the proceedings both in print and online mediums.