Website Security

Our website is hosted via a linux based interface which is resistant to threat of third party hacking. So we can guarantee safety of your submission and payment . Your secure account is designed to protect your confidentiality and to guide you through our service. Once you have logged in to your secure account, you can submit articles, monitor the status of your current submissions, download completed work, access invoices for all your submissions (current and past).

Online Security

You can be confident in knowing that your payment and online accounts are secured through the most rigorous encryption available. This Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is provided by VeriSign, the largest and most trusted certification authority on the Internet.


The documents we edit include the unpublished hard work and revolutionary ideas from many of the best scientists in the world. We adhere to a professional code of ethics that allows the worldwide research community to submit their work for peer review without worrying about the security of their ideas. Only the chief editor, the managing editor and the professional editor of the relevant subject area will ever see each submission, and we will never share any submission or personal information with anyone outside us. To legally bind us to this commitment, each of our editors is required to sign a confidentiality agreement before they see any submissions. The confidentiality agreement ensures that our editors cannot, under any circumstances, share any personal details or manuscript ideas.

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