Report/Thesis Preparation

After the research process, the researcher is required to prepare a report in order to present details about his research work. He may refer the target journal or university guidelines on how to prepare a report, but certain general points need to be considered while writing a report/thesis:

  1. The layout of a report should basically consist of:
  • Preliminary pages – These pages include the title of the report, the date, acknowledgements, and foreword. Then, it contains a table of contents followed by a list of tables and a list of graphs and charts, if any.


  • Main text – The main text of the report should have the following:

Introduction: This section includes brief details about objectives of the research, methodologies adopted, scope as well as limitations of the study.

Summary of findings: After Introduction, statement of findings and recommendations is provided in non-technical language.

Main report: Here, the main details of the research are presented logically in a sequence of easy-to-identify subsections.

Conclusion: At the end of the main text, the researcher should sum up his findings and results clearly and precisely.


  • End matter – Finally, appendices for technical data and bibliography (i.e., list of consulted books, journals, reports, etc.) should be provided in the end. Index can also be given specially in a published research report.

2.  Writing style should be concise, objective and in simple language, while avoiding vague terms such as it seems, there may be, and the like.

3.  Charts and illustrations should be used in the report only if they provide clear and precise information.

4.  Calculated confidence limits and constraints faced during the research process may also be mentioned in the report.


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