• Convert your aspirations
    to achievements

    With over a decade’s experience, we help researchers and businesses
    find comprehensive solutions to achieve their goals

  • Unfetter your
    research boundaries

    We provide end-to-end support for aspiring authors,
    technicians, scientists, innovators, corporate executives, and e-learners

  • Have the power of
    science on your side

    Our solutions are soundly based on
    scientific principles that stand the test of time and technology

  • Transform your ideas
    into real-world products

    If you have a nascent or innovative product idea,
    we will help you develop that into a viable and marketable product

  • …with Reseapro®
    as your trusted partner

    We have thousands of satisfied and loyal clients
    in more than 180 countries

  • Welcome to the
    home of academic and
    corporate services

    We deliver customized services
    across scientific domains, disciplines, and diaspora

Why Choose Us?

What We Do

With a global reach and backed by an efficient digital delivery system, we are the trusted partners for thousands of researchers across domains.

Authoring services

Authoring services

We provide a range of services that are a best fit for any stage of research. These include writing and rewriting, proofreading and editing, publication support, design enhancements, and localization.

Reseapro Journal

Reseapro Journal

Reseapro® Journal aims to foster communication among scientists, researchers, students and professionals, thereby advancing knowledge and learning.

Corporate/Institutional services

Corporate/Institutional services

We listen to all your corporate or institutional documentation needs to deliver harmonious, consistent, and high-impact writing, editing, and design services. We help you win new business alliances and communicate effectively with your clients and customers.

About Us

Reseapro® Scientific Services (P) Limited is a leading research service-based company providing customized and on-demand scientific solutions and expertise worldwide.

Reseapro® is a company limited by shares, founded according to the Companies Act 1956 and incorporated in February 2009…..

Work Ethics

We have formulated a common corporate responsibility (CCR) framework. Its objectives include:

  • Hiring the best minds to ensure that we achieve our self-imposed high service benchmark.
  • Maintaining a motivated, engaged, and responsive workforce
  • Developing a strong reputation among our customers as a partner of choice and dependability.


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