Reseapro Publishing (RP) is the publishing wing of Reseapro Scientific Services Pvt. Ltd., which was founded in 2009. Reseapro Publishing specializes in publishing books, conference proceedings and open access journals in a wide range of academic disciplines including science, technology and medicine (STM), life sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, business, management and multi-disciplinary fields. It aims to be one of the leading publishers of professional and scholarly manuscripts and foster communication among scientists, researchers, students and professionals, thereby advancing knowledge and learning. It operates in both publishing models, i.e. open access and subscription mode.

 Manuscript Editorial Manager (MEM) 

"We understand every aspect of the publishing industry and editor-author communications, and aim at accelerating workflows."

MEM is an online interface and a central platform for handling manuscript submissions. It is a tracking system customized for journals of Reseapro Publishing as well as other publishers. It guides you through the complete submission process, including the peer review process and preparing the article for publication.

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Peer review management

Publication of research results in peer reviewed journals is one of the most important aspect of a scientist/researchers. Most international journals Scientific services is the host to that provides services in research and scientific manuscript editing and English proofreading for scientists and researchers across the world.

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We ensure high-quality deliverables by combing through source files, working closely with compositors, and ensuring that proofs and web files meet author and publisher expectations. We provide you with an interactive platform to check your online proof for correction. The manuscript is checked for inline editing, typesetting, completeness, and correctness of artworks, tables and text. We help our publishing partners develop print-ready format, manage author correspondence, indexing, and so on. Our experts can also assist in implementing services that meet your requirements, such as XML, exstyle and InDesign file preparation.

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Staffing solutions

We meet the staffing needs by hiring subject-expert peer reviewers who have several years of experience in peer reviewing many high-impact publications. We also recruit editors for providing complete editorial solutions, leading to publication of a high-quality paper.


We offer a wide spectrum of services to scientific and non-scientific journals. Our services include marketing, peer review, editorial support, typesetting, indexing, and digital branding.


Lab@ME takes full cognizance of all requirements of a scientific professional and has the expertise to transform your studies into publishable papers. Our services include writing, rewriting, editing, designing, and illustrating your research work to take it to the publication stage.


We fulfill the needs of undergraduates, graduates, post graduates, doctorates and post-doctorates through our wide range of tailored services. We offer thesis rewriting, editing and proofreading; publication support; CV, LOR and SOP writing; and translation services for undergraduates. For higher degree holders, we offer seamless services like rewriting, conversion of theses to research papers, editing, publication support, translation services, and so on.


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Corporate Packages

Reseapro offers an array of corporate packages to consolidate your enterprise-wide support services in all support domains based on best practices across verticals.

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Publication Packages

We think beyond the one-size-fits-all model. Hence, we present you with our customized service packages that provide you with the best delivery mechanism for your manuscript. We offer three distinct packages: Premium, Advanced and Standard packages that deal with end-to-end manuscript publication processes.

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