About Us

About us

Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Limited

Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Limited is a leading research service based company specializing in providing customized and on-demand scientific solutions and expert knowledge to our customers worldwide to realize and achieve their maximum potential. Initially, the company started Manuscriptedit.com, the online interface providing services in English editing, proofreading, medical writing, academic writing, and publication support. Reseapro Scientific Services Private Limited is a company limited by shares, founded according to the Companies Act 1956 and incorporated in February 2009, with its head office located in India. The company is expanding its services in other sectors with its corporate headquarter located in India.

Quality is the essence of our company. Our motto is to provide the best quality editing services in the most competitive prices. We have highly qualified and experienced scientists, researchers, practicing doctors, English editors, proofreaders and subject experts from all the subject fields of science, engineering, medicine, business management, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, social science, art, history, economics, politics, humanities, and culture, in our editorial panel. We adopt a rigorous editing test to select the best editors with proven record of writing skills, English editing, proofreading and publication in peer reviewed international journals. We have over 200 editors consisting of a healthy blend of in-house editors as well as online freelance editors from top universities and research centers worldwide for providing services in scientific research manuscript editing, academic research paper editing, medical research paper editing, thesis editing, English proofreading, manuscript formatting, medical writing, academic writing, business communication, and publication support services.